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Video + Screencaps – There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back music video

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Ellie Bamber has appeared in the music video for There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back by singer Shawn Mendes. The video, filmed in Paris, Amsterdam and the United Kingdom, sees the Canadian singer and his girlfriend – played by Ellie – exploring Europe while Mendes is out on tour. The duo race through transportation hubs, ride trains and trek along the coastline in the video, which intersperses footage from Mendes’ concerts. The music video is beautiful, Ellie is wonderful and the music is great. You can watch it below and can check the screencaptures by clicking on the thumbnails.

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Screencaptures: Bring Back the Cat

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We added 600+ hd screencaps from the short movie called Bring Back the Cat, where Ellie plays Tittie Ellison. You can watch the short in the video below and see the screencaptures by clicking on the thumbnails.

Screencaptures:Bring Back the Cat

Bring Back the Cat: Synopsis

39 min | Short, Comedy

Novice Private Investigator Joe Smith is called by a wealthy woman living in north London to investigate the disappearance of her family cat. In the course of his investigation, Smith discovers some unexpected and unsettling things.

BRING BACK THE CAT from Lenny Dorfman on Vimeo.


Video + Screencaptures: Chanel Cruise Show 2017/2018

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Ellie attends Chanel Cruise show at Grand Palais on May 3, 2017 in Paris, France. And I added in the gallery screencaptures of an interview with Ellie during the show. View the photos by clicking on the thumbnails and watch the video below.

Screencaptures: Chanel Cruise Show 2017/2018


Gallery Update: Screencaptures of Ellie in “Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesR(...)

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I have added 503 high quality screencaptures of Ellie in the film “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, you can check them by clicking the thumbs below.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Screencaptures